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regenerative Retreat Center for Eco-conscious Immersions

Sattva land


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A place to be nourished and expanded

We offer a sanctuary to come experience healing retreats, transformational workshops and learning immersions.

Sattva Land is 20 acres of lush jungle nestled in the Maya Mountains of Belize


Only 45 minutes away from the beautiful Carribean Sea, 

located on the scenic Hummingbird Hwy, our broadleaf rainforest property is home to a project that offers a complete immersion into the radical beauty of Nature. This land project is initiated by our family of five whose mission is to create an off-grid living experience where the wide spectrum of what it means to live a Regenerative Lifestyle can be embodied.


Sattva means purity, truth, serenity. Sattva gives us balance and harmony between the relationship with our mind, body, and soul. 

Our Values

We have curated a space for individuals who desire an opportunity to reconnect to the Whole and re-establish a deeper relationship with the Self and the Collective.

Connection to the land
Connection to the people
Connection to ourselves
Open Mindfulness

Clear Communication

Cultural and Multigenerational diversity
Sacred Food and Medicine

We believe in coming together as a community and highlighting the unique experiences and skills that each of us has to offer. We believe there is a different path of transformation for each of us. We trust that the extensive diversity of life on Sattva will organically guide you to find the Way suited for you.​

A  place to Heal

A place for Deep Listening


Host your next retreat at Sattva

Set in the vibrant rainforest of the Maya Mountains, and coupled with an abundance of eco-conscious amenities, a retreat at Sattva Land creates the ideal environment for wholistic healing. Belize is the perfect tropical destination for retreat leaders and students alike! Offering a wide array of land and sea adventure not far from us, and lively cultural exchanges in an English setting, one cannot leave without feeling inspired!

"If nature has a message for you,

then Sattva is the place to hear it "

Come and stay with us

Sattva's accommodation ranges from a Castle in the Jungle to a cozy cabin lodge by the Tuscan House, from a Bohemian inspired Garden house to eco-luxury modern suites overlooking a seasonal creek.


Swim in the natural pool fed by mountain waters... relax by the edge of the water under a screened

Chilla-torium... enjoy a cup of herbal tea from the land or take part in our yoga classes and enjoy a delicious farm to table meal at the café.

We have been praised from many visitors for our attention to details, we are sure you will enjoy your stay and we're looking forward to host your Nature experience.

"Sattva Land had brought me to a sense of home I have never felt before." 

Our Surroundings

The two ecosystems on Earth containing the highest biodiversity are tropical broadleaf forests and coral reefs. Even though small in area, Belize is blessed with both. The most essential element to sustain life is water, and this small area of the world has one of the highest amounts of fresh water per capita in the world.


"  Magical doesn't even begin to describe this place..."


We are an Italian family whose roots originate on the beautiful island of Capri. In 2003, we moved to Canada to extend our experience further and seek new opportunities as individuals and as a family. Through various worldwide travels and exposure to the larger picture – cultures, foods, politics, pursuits, stories – the idea to live closed, unaware, and unempowered was simply not inspiring.

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"Every step on this Land has been such a majestic

treasure of light and Love"

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