There are many reasons why we chose this beautiful country to be our new Home...

Environmental Abundance & Beauty

Environmental Beauty

The two ecosystems on Earth containing the highest biodiversity are tropical broadleaf forests and coral reefs. Even though small in area, Belize is blessed with both. The most essential element to sustain life is water, and this small area of the world has one of the highest amounts of fresh water per capita in the world! 

Intertwined Cultures

Originally home of the majestic Mayan empire, Belize is now home to a broad variety of people including Garifuna, Criole, North & South American, Asian and European. With unity being one of the main aspects of Sattva Land, the presence of this multi-ethnic society attracted us due to the opportunity to promote and embrace equality and oneness.



The combination of low population density and lush subtropical climate gives Belize the potential to become an organic, self-sustainable food forest. With the collaboration of passionate individuals, many environmentally aware organizations are forming. These like-minded people and farmers of Belize are working together to slowly replenish the soil and with a holistic approach, are establishing a more organic relationship with the Earth. 

Infinite Adventures

You can be a colorful fish swimming in the sea, you can be a soaring bird flying above vast lands, you can be a fearless jaguar roaming the mystery of the jungle. Between Caribbean beaches, mystical caves, ancient Mayan ruins and lush jungle; Belize can satisfy the dreams of both stillness and rush.

Each day, Belize is showing us how with simplicity we can lead a beautiful lifestyle and by making it home of Sattva Land, it is also granting us with the possibility of sharing its beauty with those who choose to come and explore it.