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There are many reasons why we chose this beautiful country to be our new Home...

Environmental Abundance & Beauty

Environmental Beauty

The two ecosystems on Earth containing the highest biodiversity are tropical broadleaf forests and coral reefs. Even though small in area, Belize is blessed with both. The most essential element to sustain life is water, and this small area of the world has one of the highest amounts of fresh water per capita in the world! 

Intertwined Cultures

Originally home of the majestic Mayan empire, Belize is now home to a broad variety of people including Garifuna, Criole, North & South American, Asian and European. With unity being one of the main aspects of Sattva Land, the presence of this multi-ethnic society attracted us due to the opportunity to promote and embrace equality and oneness.



The combination of low population density and lush subtropical climate gives Belize the potential to become an organic, self-sustainable food forest. With the collaboration of passionate individuals, many environmentally aware organizations are forming. These like-minded people and farmers of Belize are working together to slowly replenish the soil and with a holistic approach, are establishing a more organic relationship with the Earth. 

Infinite Adventures

You can be a colorful fish swimming in the sea, you can be a soaring bird flying above vast lands, you can be a fearless jaguar roaming the mystery of the jungle. Between Caribbean beaches, mystical caves, ancient Mayan ruins and lush jungle; Belize can satisfy the dreams of both stillness and rush.

Each day, Belize is showing us how with simplicity we can lead a beautiful lifestyle and by making it home of Sattva Land, it is also granting us with the possibility of sharing its beauty with those who choose to come and explore it. 

our story

La Famiglia


In 2013, our creative fire sparked and launched us into motion to seek a new creative home. Gloria was living in Guatemala, whilst the rest of the family was looking to re-locate from Alberta, Canada, where they have been living for 10 years. 


After visiting Central America, it became clear that the next destination for them was going to be South! Belize was their decision to say yes. Vibrant and alive, hot and humid, rushing with an abundance of freshwater and home to a mosaic of new and ancient cultures… they found a thriving new beginning. In March 2014, this adventurous family found the land that spoke to them and began to set the foundations of their collective vision. 


Sattva started completely from scratch... no infrastructures, no electricity, no running water, no toilets... nothing. With love, devotion, help, and many skills, they started creating and building and have not stopped to this day. 


Where Sattva Land is now is an absolute inspiration for many people who have witnessed the majestic sanctuary that this family has manifested in such a small amount of time. 


Where would we all be without the mother? Pina has always led this family endeavour forward with focused intent and a passionate heart. Her extensive character has brought knowledge and experience in the office, the garden, the workshop, and especially the kitchen!


Pina has been an incredible cook all her life, specializing in Mediterranean and Ayurvedic cuisine, a student of Raw Food and beyond devotee of good bread. She is also the magic behind Taste of Sattva, a farm to table food business that offers fair and healthy products to the local communities of Belize.


Carmine is the father of the project and mastermind behind many of the logistical and practical workings of the overall design. An electrician by trade and carpenter/woodworker by passion, he is responsible for engineering Sattva Land’s alternative energy systems to maximize integrity and efficiency via the electrical and water supplies throughout the land. 

Words cannot build half the masterpieces Carmine can create with his own two hands! All major construction is guided by him, a clever man who has brought great stability, patience, and problem solving to this unfolding journey.​



Clauco is a construction and woodworking expert who shares his passions for nature, sustainable agriculture systems, green technologies, off-grid living strategies, and socioeconomics at Sattva Land.


His interest in learning more about this revolutionary sustainable lifestyle was sparked after he attended an introduction to permaculture event at Verge Permaculture.


A vivid visionary and avid designer, Clauco obtained his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) from the Maya Mountain Research Farm in 2014.


Gloria lives on the ecstatic note of life. Her dynamic, attentive, magnetic and willing character has always directed her to say YES to the spontaneous multitude of life opportunities.

Sattva Land has completely transformed her life from the inside out. Deep nature immersion, intentional solitude, focus on spiritual, ecological and metaphysical studies have catalyzed Gloria's understanding of her own purpose here and have guided her to create her work from a place of clarity. Her work as an artist, dancer, facilitator, activist and visionary perfectly exhibits the wholeness of who she is - wild yet particular, sharp yet subtle.

Gloria is also the founder of Wild Feminine , a transformative healing experience for women, and Sacred Portals, her own mandala art series.


Giulia’s passion for alchemy has been alive since a young age. For the past 5 years, she has applied her studies of Permaculture and Regenerative Food System Design to the ever-growing life of Sattva Land. As a student of Nutrition and Ayurveda, tending the garden and harvesting Food & Medicine for the Sattva Kitchen fills Giulia with life!

Soulfully inspired by music and sound, Giulia has completed a 100HR Sound Ceremony Training and offers Sound Healing and Voice workshops at Sattva Land and beyond.


In 2018, Giulia and her partner Sam started Dragon Chocolate – a craft chocolate venture rooted in the magic and medicine of Cacao. Find their heart-crafted Chocolate in Belize, New York, Portland and Vancouver! 



Sam has been part of the Sattva Team since 2018. His experience as a Guide in Wild Spaces prepared him to dive deep into the heart of Sattva.  Sam is a Lover of Music, Play, Exploration, and Creativity. As the Assistant Manager of Sattva, Sam helps wherever he can to further the mission of this beautiful place, and focuses on developing community relationships. 


He is the Co-Creator of Dragon Chocolate with Giulia and, along with their baby boy Oso, they LOVE spreading the magic of Cacao and Chocolate around the world.

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