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Re-member   Embody   Integrate

Sattva means purity, truth, serenity. Sattva gives us balance and harmony between the relationship with our mind, body, and soul. 

Sattva Land jungle lodge is 20 acres of lush ecosystem nestled in the Maya Mountains of Belize

remote jungle lodge Belize
reconnect at our jungle lodge
jungle lodge retreat center
We have curated a space for individuals who desire an opportunity to reconnect to the Whole and re-establish a deeper relationship with the Self and the Collective.

Connection to the land
Connection to the people
Connection to ourselves
Open Mindfulness

Clear Communication

Cultural and Multigenerational diversity
Sacred Food and Medicine

We believe in coming together as a community and highlighting the unique experiences and skills that each of us has to offer. We believe there is a different path of transformation for each of us. We trust that the extensive diversity of life on Sattva will organically guide you to find the Way suited for you.​

Founded in 2014 by the 5 members of the Garofalo Family, Sattva has evolved to become a community owned and operated Retreat Center and co-living space that centers around permaculture ideals, mind-body-spirit connection, love of learning and thoughtful balance of work and play.  


Because of our inter-generational team, Sattva has bloomed to include insights and wisdom from different ages, states of consciousness, and life experiences.  

Sattva is our collective creation, where each of us plays a specific and imperative role to keep it alive and thriving in the many aspects that this project offers. 


Through the creation of this jungle lodge, we have learned to expand our minds and hearts and understand that there simply isn't one specific spiritual practice that is "the answer of it all".

Just like we welcome diversity in our gardens, we welcome innovation in our way of being. 


The two ecosystems on Earth containing the highest biodiversity are tropical broadleaf forests and coral reefs. Even though small in area, Belize is blessed with both. The most essential element to sustain life is water, and this small area of the world has one of the highest amounts of freshwater per capita in the world.

Our jungle lodge is located in the midst of many adventures and we are passionate about showing our guests the beauty of this country. 

jungle lodge hiking
jungle lodge ziplining
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