We are delighted to create the perfect experience for your visit to Belize. Sattva is surrounded by spectacular natural sites, excursions, and adventures! We also have some amazing in-house offerings, in which you can experience a variety of healing and wellness practices. You tell us what you'd like, and we will be more than happy to co-create your vision. 

excursions and outdoor adventures


Experience pure thrill and breathtaking views at one of the highest ziplines in ​Central America just a 10-minute drive down the road from Sattva! 


Belize is home to extensive river systems and an abundance of pristine freshwater. ​Choose between a few of our local waterfalls to experience the vitality of this land.


Discover hidden treasures inside Belize's intricate cave formations. Choose from a variety of nearby cave adventures!


Learn about this land's ancient culture as you walk upon the ruins of the past. We have a few sites available for booking your mystical journey.


Experience local Carribean flare and chill vibes at the seaside town of Hopkins, only 45 minutes away from Sattva!


Plan a perfect beach day at the beautiful Placencia peninsula. Mangroves, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and good local eats are all just a part of this great destination. 


Dive deep into Maya origins and traditions when you visit this rich cultural center at the base of the Maya Mountains. Learn about local chocolate making, crafting with local material and experience ancient wisdom through indigenous ceremonies. 

* Please inquire with us directly about prices and availability.

Sattva's in-house offerings


Infuse your senses and uplift your spirit with a warm cup of drinking chocolate crafted by our own in-house chocolate makers. Cacao, the origin of all chocolate, is a plant medicine that dwells in many tropical parts of the world and has served as a spiritual guide to ancient traditions. Discover why it is re-emerging as a spiritual tool in our modern world as we gather together in ceremony.

USD $25 per person, minimum of 4 people

Private USD $65 per person.


Vibration is what lies at the basis of everything. Everything is in constant vibration. It is incredible what we can discover when we drop into this truth and allow our whole being to truly Listen. Sound Healing is a practice of deep listening and deep relaxation. Giulia, co-founder of Sattva Land, has a 100hr certification in Sound Healing– join her as she takes you through a sonic journey of various instruments, inviting you to simply let go, relax, and listen.

USD $25 per person, minimum of 4 people

Private USD $65 per person.


Enjoy a nourishing Yoga class in one of our beautiful practice spaces. Classes can be booked for all levels, with no experience necessary. Gloria, one of the founders of sattva, has been teaching yoga since 2012. Her passion and care for this practice truly translate into her guidance and the feeling you get after her classes. 

USD $25 per person, minimum of 4 people

Private class USD $65 per person.

5RHYTHMS® CLASS - (1.5 hrs)

This movement meditation is a powerful free-form dance practice that uses the body as a vehicle to access healing and unblock stagnant energy. This class is open for anyone, no dance experience necessary. Gloria is a 5Rhythms® teacher in training. Her energetic and dynamic approach encourages a deep presence and release in presence and self-expression. 

USD $25 per person, minimum of 4 people

Private USD $65 per person 


Reimagine your experience of Chocolate as you open your senses & mind through the tasting of fine craft chocolate. We will be tasting a variety of local Belizean chocolate and exploring the differences between them as we share a toolkit of ways to fine-tune your sense of taste. Learn how Bean to Bar chocolate is made and how taste can tell a unique story.


Our project at Sattva Land is an amazing example of the practice of Permaculture. As a beautiful and sustainable design system, this mindful approach to gardening, design, and agriculture opens up a whole new view of how we can live in sync with nature. This short intro is a small peek into a whole lifestyle philosophy. 

USD $35 per person, minimum of 4 people


Sattva land is a big project. Taking a tour and knowing some of the ins and outs of how this major off-grid operation works is an amazing opportunity to get inspired and gain some new knowledge on sustainable design. 

USD $25 per person, minimum of 4 people

Private tours USD $65 per person


Critical thinking skills… Imagination… Living in the now! Chess teaches us all of these things AND so much more. Have you ever wanted to be able to say “yes!” when someone asks you if you play this centuries-old game? This one-hour session will meet you wherever you are at (complete newbie to “I used to play with my uncle”) and help you on your path towards a lifetime of enjoyment

Private lessons USD $25 per person

REIKI - (1 hr)

Reiki is a traditional Japanese path of focusing on the healing power of the Universe to help bring well being to the mind and body.  By using “laying of the hands” Sam will join you on your healing path, and perhaps help you journey deeper into the energy inside.

Private sessions USD $75 per person


Welcome to the JUNGLE! This 45-minute movement session will wake up your ANIMAL.  Race through the jungle, partake in some HIIT and finish with a meditative cooldown. Are you wild enough?

USD $25 per person, 4 people max

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To contact us directly with more questions about excursions and our offerings email us directly at sattvalandbelize@gmail.com