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"A magical space and time... a collective creation born from love and devotion."

Sattva Land is 20 acres of virgin lush jungle nested in the Maya Mountains of Belize.With the presence of an endless community of plants, living organisms and majestic creeks running through it, Sattva Land is a booming manifestation of Mother Nature's self expression. 


Since March 2014, this glowing piece of paradise has collectively been birthed as a regenerative healing centre.

In the ancient sacred language of Sanskrit, Sattva means purity, truth, serenity. By finding our purity we find Sattva. A sattvic soul does not allow evil tendencies to enter his or her mind but rather supports an inner paradise that broadcasts out to the world. Sattva gives us balance and harmony between the relationship with our mind, body and soul. 
With the discovery of our Sattvic self we are able to listen to our inner voice and have a tranquil mind to allow the flow of life to guide us through the purpose of our existence.


This incredible Land blooms with Sattvic qualities bringing inspiration to the soul and incredible peace to the mind.  


There are many dreams and ideas captured within this adventure... but like any revolutionary projects, success is achieved one step at the time. 

Guided by the collaboration of Natural Resources, Sattva Land's energy requirements are completely self-sustainable. Through observation and the understanding of what this land has to offer, we are now completely "off the grid"!

We use solar panels to produce our electricity and to power a small pump in our creek that distributes water to all tanks and facilities.


We have been present for almost 4 years, and with the help of many hands, we now have 2 fully flowing complexes. One area hosts private housing, while the community area in the lower part of the land hosts the Garden House, the Jungle Dorm, outdoor kitchen, eating area, laundry area, outdoor showers and composting toilets. Deeper in the jungle we have a beautiful Yoga shala for personal practices and teachings.


In our constructions we have used as much renewable material as possible which includes different kinds of wood, stones and earth. Recycled materials such as glass bottles and bottle bricks are also used for the creation of this low impact centre. 


"To nurture the garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul."

Another major part of Sattva Land is the organic gardens. We have recently completed a yin/yang greenhouse that individually powers an aquaponic growing system on on side, while hosting healthy and productive plants in raised beds on the other. Most herbs and vegetables are grown here. In our outdoor, food forest gardens you will find a variety of fruits such as bananas, plantains, pineapples, mangos, avocados, raspberries, starfruit, mulberries, and more! Vegetables such as coco-yam, chaya, malabar spinach, sweet potato, cassava, hot peppers. Here you will also find local medicinal herbs and spices.


We practice and teach Permaculture, a whole-thinking approach to agriculture and social design principles where, through observation, we create patters and features already perfectly manifested by natural ecosystems.


"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature."


Organic methods allow us to return to the roots of cultivation, respect the land we live on and who provides for us, while Permaculture and Forest Gardening methods show us an intelligent way of gardening, understanding the role of each plant and how we all collaborate with eachother. 

"Let the food be thy medicine and the medicine  be thy food."

A big variety of medicinal herbs and local plants are present on the land and in the gardens. This presents the opportunity of using organic matter as a means of healing. 


Sattva Land's garden is a dream of a family coming together to establish a safer and healthier way to eat, not only for us but also for our future generations.


We practice balance in our diet and with the integration of a wholistic approach to our cuisine, we like to explore a blend of vegetarian, vegan and raw meals.  

This beautiful relationship with our food allows us to continue to evolve towards a lifestyle filled with health and harmony. 

Earth care - People care - Fair share

As a family we believe in coming together as a community and sharing the skills and knowledge each of us has to offer.

Sattva Land is a continuous sprout of projects, ideas and wholistic visions and we welcome all those who want to be part of it. 


Check out our Volunteer Program for more info on how to come to the jungle and share your hands and wisdom. 


As we observe Mother Nature and try to mimic her effortless perfection, we strive to design an environment of constant growth; a self evolutionary system that reflects the natural patterns of the Earth it self. 

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