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"A wonderful Place"

Thank you

"A Playground for expression"


"I'll be back!"



Sattva land is a very special place. Each of the owners has their own unique talent and knowledge to share. From woodwork to weeding to cooking, I began to see everything as a small part of the whole. It is as comprehensive as life itself. I had very little exposure to permaculture prior to visiting sattva, but I left with a yearning to dive deep into the field. The family is so warm, open, and they taught us so much in such a short period of time. You will never want to leave this place.

Mike & Lyndsay


Nov 2016

We LOVE everyone that comes by and offers their presence in our growing community. Thank you for becoming part of this blessed Project!

During my time on Sattva Land, it was a heart opening adventure to be surrounded by such beautiful plants and food forests in the jungle. I came to Sattva Land for a peaceful experience, where I could learn more about permaculture design and work with plants. While being a solo female traveler, I was surrounded by warmth and felt in good hands with the owners of the land. My time at Sattva Land was during the high rain season, however this was all apart of the experience, and made for one of the best adventures I'll ever remember.



Jan 2017



Jan 2016

Who would have thought that I stumble upon, at the very last minute, what I feel I've been searching my whole life for. 

Generosity, positivity and joy are what is abindant here on Sattva, and it's infectious! This beauttiful family of overly capable and gifted individuals are creating beautiful relections and generating a healing chain reaction. 


Met with such purity my ego dissolves. I fit into the fabric of nature. The heart continues to open. 

Tucans, landscaping, spy parrots, living walls, pizza nights, amazing shared meals, hanging upside down in yoga hummocks... Life changing experience. 

You inspire so much in me. Thanks for everything!

Much Much Love,




FEB 2015

Thank you Sattva Land for showing the world how to truly live again. Everyday an explosive birth of creation itself, I am constantly remimnded how to live, fully present. 

Thank you for reawakening my sense of CURVE, for filling the cracks with laughter and bliss balls. For reminding me to dance in harmony with the Earth.

This truly is THE Land. I feel forever greatful to commune here with y'all... the most dynamic, inspired, sweet and spicy Italian family I have ever known. Thank you for continuing this work in joy and equanimity, with grace and strength. 

Blessings to all of the living creations in this slow, beautiful dance of birth. 

Love all ways, always.


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