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Make your Home in our Garden of Eden

Amidst the lush abundance of the Mayan jungle, our small family of Italian craftsmen have established an off-grid, multi-home residential complex minutes from the Carribean coast of Belize.

In creation since 2014, this eco-chic development reflects our reverence for the pure water and pristine ecology with which this land is blessed and sustained in permaculture design.

In stewardship of these natural elements, we have procured 20 acres of family-friendly habitat, sustained by a mature food forest, ample water distribution and our Tesla solar system.

The creative synergy and laughter amongst us is grounded in a regenerative lifestyle of health and body/mind wellness.

Pristine water system 
Tesla solar system
Mature food forest
Natural swimming pool
Established building crew
Your house
Your dream 



Our team has designed and built with love and passion with the intention of creating a healthy lifestyle for family and community, in harmony with nature.  The Sattva project is now an established residential oasis, including several private homes, and equipped with multiple practice and communal spaces, various styles of accommodation, extensive permaculture-designed gardens with an abundance of tropical fruit and organic crops - all of which has optimized our operation as a retreat center for eco-conscious immersions such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, and dance.

What we care about:

  • Our kids

  • Healthy body/mind/spirit

  • The Land

  • Our dogs & cat

  • Community               
     ...and good food

Who we are

We are an Italian family of craftsmen, cooks and creatives who have vested their dreams on developing this wild piece of jungle into a haven for our passions in permaculture, yoga and ecstatic dance. 


We have expanded to include visionary partners and a new generation of little ones whom we are raising amidst the wonders of nature and the richness of extended family and community.

An opportunity to join us

Six years into its development, Sattva has become the cherished home of our extended family as well as a go-to retreat center for several providers of workshops in yoga, breath-work, meditation, and personal development. 


The project has now matured to the point that we are inviting additional families to make a home on this land. 


Sattva offers a lifestyle of wellness,
nature connection, and tranquillity

Some of Sattva's communal amenities include:

  • Indoor practice space equipped with surround sound system, hardwood floors, and ceiling fans

  • 1600 sqft natural swimming pool with outdoor shower 

  • Screened-in pool house

  • Large Greenhouse... and more!

Building on Sattva is as easy as:

1. Choose a plot of land

2. Consult with our talented, in-house design team 

3. Engage our fully-equipped building crew & on-site workshop facility

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