A personal reflection

May 4, 2014

Today I received a beautiful simple message:


How is your great family project coming along Gloria? What is working out beyond expectations and where are the unexpected challenges?


I decided to share this time of reflection on this blog... for all family and friends who decide to take some time and read this...

Looking within and looking around me I find an infinite web of questions, answers and more questions which create the perfection of the present reality in which I find myself in an absolute awe...


What is working beyond my expectations?... The strenght and devotion of this collective creation... how everyday we are granted with so much help from our workers, friends and family which are bringing the development of our project to a speed I could have never imagined. I did step into this adventure with no expectations and the fast materialization of my dreams bring me to a state of almost disbelief...

The Land is also blooming and we are able to explore more of it everyday... there is so much beauty... today we found another water source... a mejestic little fresh water creek... calm, pure, flowing towards the seas... being able to enjoy a handcup of water from the earth is true bliss. We also found more ridges, canyons, huge trees af all kinds and so much more...Blessed.


Whare are the unexpected challenges?... ha, well... where to start... the whole project is a big big challenge. All three bodies are definately working hard to keep balanced and with love and devotion I can say I'm keeping harmony within although surrounded by so much chaos! There is so much to coordinate simultaneasly... just today we had people working on the entrance gate, someone also making the steps to access the compost toilest, another 5 people finishing the thatch roof for the chicken coop and then moving on to prepare a piece of land for the dorm. All in the meanwhile we were digging swails to redirect the crazy amount of rain coming down speradicly, continuing to work on the garden design and taking care of the endless seedlings we are planting! My brother, in the midst of directing the show, managed to finish to build a bridge and place it to its designated area! 


The challenges are many... we already overcame big obstacles and we know there will be many more. All of these splashes of darkness on our path are only helping us to understand more and more about the amazing light we are constantly surrounded by. In working around what the universe places in front of us we let go a little bit more everyday and happily watch the natural flow of this adventure with a humble heart full of joy...


My beautiful sister is now cooking up a storm, so here I go! 


Sending Love and Light to all the divine souls and a big thank you to my friend Albert for leading me towards a beautiful time amongst my own thoughts a feelings and sharing it with others. 


Bon Appetit!


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