Drops of LIFE

May 1, 2014

High from the Maya Mountains the source of life flows down with fluidity and grace; its resiliance guiding the journey with no force needed...

We are blessed with a branch of the abundant channels of water that sorround us, nourishing the soil..nourishing us. Giving moisture, flow, beauty and LIFE.


Being a self sustainable project, the presence of water on the land is purely essential. It's our duty to honor this beautiful element and utilize it with awareness and understanding. But of course creativity always leaks into our manifestations as passion of many minds and souls intertwine and beauty is always the result...


We have incorporated many different methods of providing water to our plants. Using permaculture principles we have designed smart and effective systems that fit with harmony into our environment. 

One of our newest creations uses a majestic bamboo piece to mimic the action of rain. With shared visions and amazing help from friends, we made it happen. Naturally curved to the shape of its bed, we drilled small holes all along to break the flow of water and quench the beautiful plants. A coca-cola bottle is used as a plug and is both an example of our value of recycling material and is beautiful as it slowly fills with water. Each morning I watch in awe as the water drips towards the Earth.


Other ways we provide water to the soil include greywater recycling, underground irrigation and use of swales on contour. All of our greywater on the land flows back into ground where happy plants welcome its arrival. A filtration system using gravel, sand and ash is used to cleanse the greywater to almost achieve its original state. Our organic Kitchen Garden is fed by an underground irrigation system which collaborates with gravity to spread its love. This encourages plant roots to grow vertically and strong rather than scattered horizontally. And strong healthy plants is what we love to see!


With less work and more intention we are creating a system that just makes sense. We grasp the ideas that flow into our worlds and release the energy into beautiful physical creations. And the Earth... she has all the answers, she is just waiting for us to read them. Day by day we percieve the direction nature wants to go and go with the flow rather than oppose it. 


When we water our soil, we water life. 


With Love,


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May 1, 2014

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