Staying Balanced through it all…

April 15, 2014

"Taking care of yourself is a simple act with profound consequences... the better and more often you care for yourself , the more you'll align with the universe and true eternal Love."


Today was one of hottest days so far since we moved to Belize... it was, indeed, insanly hot. We still managed to continue with many of the projects and once again I sit here amazed, humbly looking around myself in shock of how much devotion surrounds me. The road here hasn't been easy and still the ride is naturally bumpy... there are lots of emotions and experiences everyday which bring each of us to test the many layers of ourselves. 


Every morning I wake up with the sun, I find one of the majestic spots around the land and I look inside... I close my eyes and care for myself, for my personal energy and internal balance... and every morning I get reassured by the unity of all existance that what I am doing is right. Right for my well being... for my body, my mind and my soul... With the practice of Yoga and meditation, I truly find the understanding that altough there is and there will be a few puddles on my path, I am certain that right here, right now, even after the hottest day in history, I am exactly where I am supposte to be. 


I am so grateful for all we are able to do and all we are able to achive everyday, and by taking the time to take care of myself I let this whole adventure flow through me , granting my spirit with growth, strength and balance...



With Love,


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