Welcome to our new Home…and the creation of our Dream

April 5, 2014

Wow we are so excited to be finally sharing this inspiring project with you all! 


So...we are all in the majestic jungle of Belize! (yes we are still well and alive in case some of you were wondering.) We have been dreaming BIG and working hard for the last month towards the first foundations of what will be an inspiring and peaceful retreat centre for the mind, body and soul. 

In the past month we have been experiencing the true simplicity of life as when we moved on the land there was...well nothing...or everything perhaps? 

The commodities of running water (sourced from our creek) and electricity were made possible to us by the power of the sun. Being able to BE...with the help of only nature, is truly blissfull and empowering. 


What was supposed to be a temporary house for us to live in has exploded into a construction of over 6 buildings which will become a beautiful area for future visitors, travelers, gypsys and volunteers. A beautiful cottage-like sleeping area, the outdoor kitchen, a space for meal sharing, outdoor showers, a compost toilet, chicken coop and yoga platform are all coming up at the same time! And let's not forget the amazing garden design...that's what Giulia and Gloria have been devoting much of their time to. Meanwhile, Clauco has been working on making the care-taker home a comfortable living space. Pina, along with keeping all in order has also been taking care of all "business side of things"...thank you universe! Carmine flew down from Canada, ran around with tools in his hands, making sure we had light and electricity before he had to return to the cold north (which he was so ecstatic to go back to...not) 

All in all, we are so well! Everyday is an adventure, so many smiles, so much creation! 


We are so greatful for all the help we have already been blessed with from our amazing crew of jungle men who have shared their knowledge of their native land and have proven to us that their hands can help with the materialization of all our flumboyant ideas. 


This project, the blissfull land and time so far have made us realize that this retreat centre is a place where the individual will experience true Earth reconectting and evolutionary Self awakening. 


This Blog is here to connect all of us and begin the flow of sharing, learning and inspiring for the collective creation of this retreat centre. By updating you with our moves and moods we are welcoming everybody to be involved in this project and share any wisdom, ideas and thoughts to make this a true community-like journey. Follow us on Facebook for news we'll be sharing and to get connected to our Blog.


We invite all of you to explore more of the website to find more information about Sattva land, about us and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for all of the support we have already felt from many of you and we can't wait to start this connective adventure! 


Wishing you all a beautiful day, wherever you may be... 


With Love,

la Famiglia. 

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