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Sun, 03 Mar


Sattva Land

Wild Instinct 5Rhythms Belize

In this workshop we reject all gurus bar the teaching of our own innate wisdom and our own moving body. Our bodies contain all the information we need.

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Wild Instinct 5Rhythms Belize
Wild Instinct 5Rhythms Belize

Time & Location

03-Mar-2019, 16:00 – 09-Mar-2019, 14:00

Sattva Land , Stann Creek District, Belize

About The Event

Awaken your Wild Instinct

How often in our lives are we told to listen to external authority, to hand over our sovereignty to those who ‘know what’s best for us’? How often do we listen to the voice that tells us that we ‘should’ behave a certain way, look a certain way, be a certain way, and in the process we shrink a little, or put our own needs last? Or worse still, start to believe that we are smaller than we really are, or that our needs don't matter..

Inside each and every person is a guiding principle, a wild instinctive voice which knows who and what we truly are and why we are here. This voice has the ability to make decisions that can lead us toward a healthy, nourishing life. If we listen. If we let it. If we trust ourselves.

In this workshop we reject all gurus bar the teaching of our own innate wisdom and our own moving body. Our bodies contain all the information we need.

By falling inside and listening to our instinctive voice, we give it power, learn to trust it and feed back our own experience into its teachings, gathering our wisdom and moving into our personal power.

Movement as Medicine

5 Rhythms® movement and dance meditation is one of the most powerful tools for transformation I have encountered in three decades of a planet-wide personal healing journey.

It is so beautifully simple; there are no 'moves', there is no way of getting it wrong, it is simply about dancing what is true, with freedom and permission, whatever that looks like. You just turn up and be you, in all your messy glory, and move what is there.

In the process, the stuck and wounded parts of us can come up to be moved, and we can leave our crap on the dance floor. On the other side of that is freedom!

So come and dance into your own wild, wise self, in a safe and gentle container, with other journeying souls, for six nights.

This retreat is a 5 full day exploration of the Waves map, into the delicious wisdom of your energy as it moves through your body in your own perfect rhythm, your own perfect song.

It doesn’t matter if you have never danced 5 Rhythms®, that’s the beauty of this practice. If you can walk you can dance. And if you ask the 87 year old great grandmother at the last retreat, who danced for four days in her chair, you don’t even need to be able to walk!

What's included:

6 nights accommodation in the gorgeous jungle retreat

3 amazing vegetarian meals per day from the permaculture community on this land

5 full days of workshop

Dance sessions with local drummers

A luxurious afternoon to arrive and land, then a relaxed morning to gather yourself together to transition back into the world. Aaah, spaciousness.

Transit info.

Either fly into Belize airport, and take a shuttle that we organise from there. Shuttle $50 USD.

Or, from Belize there's an option to get a short domestic flight (15min) to Dangriga.

From Dangriga is a 30min taxi ride to Sattva. (approx. $40 USD)

Click the link to this flight:

How do I join this Wild Instinct retreat?

​Simply send us an email at and we'll send you the payment options. There's a $300 USD deposit to hold your place and secure the earlybird price. From there you can pay the balance off as you need.

About the facilitator

​Gina Chick

​For those of you who haven't met me yet...

My name is Gina Chick (but most people know me as Gigi). I'm an international facilitator in transformation, using many, many modalities. I'm fascinated with wildness in all its forms, haven't worn shoes in about six years, live in a bus and spend many months of the year in the wilderness, sleeping next to a fire and yes, sometimes even cuddling baby wombats. How gorgeous is that critter?!

I also devote myself to helping people remember who and what they truly are, and with love and presence, guiding them home to their own beautiful, painful, messy, wonderful truths, while sharing tools to help move any of the stuck places holding them away from Life. For me it's all about being real, no bullshit, no guru trips. Saying yes to everything that life brings. Mining the lessons for blessings. Listening to the call of the wild soul, and learning to dance to its tune. Welcoming every person to stretch their wings, be big, be bold, be allowed, be magnificent, be small, be stuck, be flawed, be true. In my reality, we are all creators and creatrixes... the only thing limiting us is our myriad beliefs and judgements, and the simple, dastardly human movement of making everything mean something. We are the prison and we are the key. I am passionately dedicated to helping people find the unique combination lock that is an unfurling human growing in divine rightness. What a journey. What an honour.

I offer international Heart of the Huntress retreats exploring feminine archetypes of power through archery and all round deep diving juicy women's work and 5Rhythms. These workshops are awesome and impossible to describe.

I also run family and adult Rewilding camps in Australia, teach primitive survival and shamanic skills, and run regular Vision Quests in the lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf. I teach Quest Protector and Seven Levels of Quest in that same lineage.

I am an accredited 5 Rhythms® dance and movement meditation teacher, a breathworker, bodyworker and shamanic healer, using pure Awareness as a shamanic path. I've had a healing business for thirty years, and travelled the world for this time collecting tools for transformation that work.

I am constantly doing my own homework, dying to my picture of myself, looking inside and dancing what I find, especially the icky, nasty bits. And if I miss something, I have great friends who call me on my crap, thank goodness.

I bring all of these skills and tools to my workshops with a liberal dose of humour, profanity and the occasional pillow fight. I am deeply committed to providing a safe container for transformational work, and respecting the internal authority of every single person, always. That's you. Your sovereignty matters. It is sacred.

You take things at your pace. You choose which stepping stones to move to, and how long to stay on them. Your journey is uniquely personal and your timing is your own. My job is to open the doors of possibility and to hold the container while you choose which doors you go through. What you do once you go through the door is up to you, and none of my business. My job is to support you in your journey and to guide you when you ask, providing tools that have been proven to work for me, and if they work for you as well, awesome! And if not, just discard them. You take what you need, when you need it, gathering your own information, feeding your own library of wisdom. You heal yourself and are empowered in the process.

I am interested in helping you find your own wisdom, whatever that looks like. I love that we each have our own unique fingerprint. The only dance you can ever do is your own. What a relief.

If you want to know more, get in touch;, or just come along and be danced. At this workshop you are free to be utterly yourself. You can't get it wrong. You can be tender and quiet, or big and bold. There is space for you to be you, and be loved exactly as you are, whatever your shape. Together we weave a basket and within it we dance our way home, to the beautiful song of our own wild instinct.

Lots of love from my wild heart to yours,


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