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Transformative Retreat Center
& Micro Village 


As a Retreat Center, we offer a sanctuary for healing retreats, transformational workshops, and learning immersions.

As a Micro-village, we offer a loving, inclusive, and multi-age environment for families to feel at Home. 

Sattva offers a smooth, comfortable, and supported experience from the moment you arrive.  

Our Belize retreat center has been designed to host transformational retreats and a space to expand consciousness within the mystical settings of the jungle.  Hosting is our passion, and through our attention to detail, your stay with us will be one in which you feel held. 

When you attent a retreat at Sattva, we make sure that every aspect of your stay is taken care of.  We want you to feel at ease, and allow you to be fully present with your own personal experience of your chosen retreat journey. 

From transportation to accommodation, dietary needs, and more, our supportive team will ensure you a retreat experience in which you can feel fully attended.  Arriving at Sattva is like arriving home. In fact, this is our home, and we are devoted to welcoming our retreats with open arms. 

In the time between sessions, you can enjoy swims in our beautiful natural swimming pool, spa treatments, jungle hikes, healing elixirs, and meditative walks around our curated permaculture-based gardens. 

We believe nature is the number one healer, and Sattva's Belize retreat center is a place in which you can truly experience her power, beauty, and healing everywhere you turn. 

"A place to be nourished and expanded"

Sattva Land is 20 acres of lush jungle nestled in the Maya Mountains of Belize... come explore what we offer

Whether you're taking part in one of our transformational Retreats, or coming to Sattva as a personal gateway, we welcome anyone to come experience the healing beauty of this place.  With a minimum of a 2-night stay, our doors are open for you to come to immerse in our Belize retreat center. Hear the mystical sounds of the jungle, plunge in the natural swimming pool, and indulge in our top-quality, high-vibe healing cuisine. 

Sattva's accommodation ranges from a Castle in the Jungle to a cozy cabin lodge by the Tuscan House, from a Bohemian inspired Garden house to eco-luxury modern suites overlooking a seasonal creek.

"If nature has a message for you,
then Sattva is the place to hear it "

This is what's waiting for you at our Belize retreat center...


In the heart of Sattva, find our 1600sqft 

workshop and practice space, in which we host retreat leaders from all over the world and deep transformation happens.


Carved from our creek, is our natural swimming pool, in constant renewal from waters coming down from the surrounding Mayan Mountains.  A magical place to relax, to heal, to refresh, and cleanse. 


With a mix of rustic, bohemian and luxury, our eco-chic accommodation offer a home away from home for you to be completely confortable and at ease.


Find majestic walks that take you deep into the mystical beauty of the Mayan Jungle.  We have created beautiful hikes for you to explore the lushness of this land, and be immersed in the powerful presence of Nature.


We are renowned for the delicious, top-quality, high-vibe dishes that we offer. Prepared with foods from the land, local farms, and loving hands, Sattva's cuisine is one of the best in Belize. 


Possibilities for adventures are many around here. Our in-house team will make sure to help you create an amazing itinerary - whether you are hosting a group retreat, coming solo or for a family gateway. 

A place for Deep Listening

healing retreats and transformational workshops

sattva land retreats
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Host your retreat at Sattva

When you host with us at our Belize retreat center, we commit to offering you full attention to every detail to make your event successful for both you and your participants. 

From our discovery call to the moment you leave Sattva, our team will be dedicated to curating the ultimate eco-lux experience for you and your guests. 

Because Sattva was founded and designed by retreat leaders, our center offers you the service you've been looking for in order to host a successfull immersion. 

We help you with logistical details all the way from booking your itinerary to helping you design a transformational experience by working one on one with your vision and working around your needs to support you every step of the way. 

We want you to be successful, help you fill your retreat, and make it profitable. Our design and marketing team is dedicated to helping our retreat hosts to arrive at your starting date with a house full of participants eager to learn from you and experience the beauty of Sattva. 

"Sattva is such a blessing to Earth Mother. We are so grateful for the call to this potent land. Looking forward to many more times together."


"What an exquisite place. One comes here on the journey to re-member oneself into wholeness. I'm leaving feeling full & radiant, and certain I will be back"

Romona M. 

"What a wonderful and insightful experience. I can't thank you enough for the gift you have given me. Sattva nourishes the mind, body and soul."


"I came back for the second time. Once again, this land leaves me in awe. Its beauty is immeasurable. The memories and transitions this place gives is so special. "


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